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For Landlords and
Rental Property Owners

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Rental Management

For Occupied Unit
Only $99 per unit/month

Platform makes it easy for you to manage your rental properties!


For Vacant Unit
Flat $599 per unit

Platform enables you to rent your property faster!

Platform Benefits

Options available:

Platform Benefits

Options available:

Unlimited Tenant Communications and Management

Direct Online Rent Deposit to Owners

Maintenance Management for Both Major and Minor Items

Repair Management for Both Major and Minor Items

Service Assistance Finding Vendors and Contractors

Assist with Lease Renewal - Pay Per Use

Manage Tenant Move-In/Move-Out - Pay Per Use

Property Inspections- Pay Per Use

Pay only for Solutions Used

Easy month-to-month payment, cancel anytime.

Get started online, it only takes a few minutes

Online Marketing and Promotion of Rental Property

Unlimited Online and Mobile Showings Scheduling

Unlimited On-Demand Showings from 8am-8pm, 7 days/week

Multi-Access and Smart Lockbox System Option

Easy Tenant Screening Tools

HD Rental Property Pictures - Pay Per Use

Rental Readiness Support (Maintenance, Repair, Service) - Pay Per Use

Get started online, it only takes a few minutes

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$1,500/mo $25,000/mo

Your rental income per year would be $42,000
and you'd save up to $4,009 every year with Zenplace!

Platform vs Traditional

Leasing Agent/
Property Manager

Leasing Solution
(one-time flat)



Rental Management Solution
(per month)



With Zenplace You Save Up To:
(Get industry-leading platform for less!)


Leasing agents and property managers typically charge 50%-100% of first month's rent for leasing and/or 7%-10% of rent for property management

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Higher Returns and Peace of Mind for Property Owners

Zenplace uses experienced professionals, data-driven insights, and innovative technology to provide best-in-class leasing and rental management solutions.

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Zenplace is up to 3X faster

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Lower Expense / Cost

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Zenplace lower costs by up to 50%

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  • We enable owners to get great tenants up to 3X faster, lower maintenance and repair costs, and provide easy and effective rental management solution.
  • Tenant Placement and Leasing Solution - Great tenants fast and stress-free.
  • Rental Management Solution - Better and easier rental management.


Great Value for Owners and Landlords

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