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See Why Property Owners and Landlords Love Zenplace

Zenplace in the News

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Zenplace Makes Property Management Easy & Effortless for Rental Owners


"Zenplace is reshaping the property management company of the future. Zenplace features a contemporary and modern approach, which is more like you’d expect from a company like Apple or Google, rather than from the property management industry."


Property Management May Be The Next Frontier for AI


"The property owner and tenant experience is also being reinvented. Zenplace, out of Silicon Valley, provides full-service, property management services to property owners, institutional property portfolios and property managers"


Zenplace Is Reinventing $55 Billion Property Management Industry


"With Zenplace, property owners can now easily and effortlessly benefit from full-service property management. This new wave of innovation in property management will drive greater real estate returns, and a better overall experience for property owners."


Zenplace Reinvents the End-to-End Property Management Experience


"Owners and tenants of properties managed by Zenplace surveyed gave their property management services a median NPS score (an average of a customer satisfaction survey) of 87%. To put that into perspective, an NPS score of 100% is basically all 5-star reviews."


Zenplace Offer Property Owners Peace of Mind


"Zenplace is changing property management. Zenplace property management reduces vacancy, maximizes service, increases returns and reduces costs for property owners."


Changing How Real Estate Professionals Do Business

VentureBeat Article

"Zenplace streamlines processes for tenants as well as landlords and property managers. Advanced machine learning helps property managers find new tenants, locate cost-efficient vendors, and proactively recommend maintenance and management tasks. That’s pretty cool."


Future of Property Management


"With Zenplace, property management and the owner and tenant experience is already 3 times better today than it was some years ago, and in another 5 years will be 10 times easier and better than today."


Silicon Valley Revolutionizing the $10 Trillion Real Estate Industry


"Zenplace's mission is make property management easy and effortless for owners and offer a technology-led property management solution. Zenplace does this by managing properties for owners and uses technology to provide owners with higher returns and peace of mind."


Zenplace Makes Life Easy With Full Service Property Management For Landlords


"With Zenplace, landlords can get a greater cap return, higher return on investment (ROI) with peace of mind for property owners and a truly enjoyable and hassle-free experience for tenants."


Welcome to the Future, New Way to Rent Homes


"High-tech property management company Zenplace, new wave of technology that’s changing the way we rent homes. Clients can use artificial intelligence to comb property data, take virtual tours of promising homes from their couches, and even apply for their favorite properties online."


Hire For Your Next Home Showing


"This new way to rent makes for a better rental experience—tenants love the smart guided tours and owners love how their property can now be rented in days instead of weeks or months."


Take a Home Tour with Zenplace


"Zenplace, a rental management company based in San Francisco and expanding quickly across the nation. Reduces the leasing period and cut down vacancy times for owners. Tenants can now literally go from seeing a place they like to renting it out in a matter of minutes versus the days and weeks it traditionally took."


Your Next Home Rental Agent


"Zenplace is the next step in rental and property management, and a response to an increasingly competitive and fast-moving rental market. Can provide real-time data about the neighborhood, amenities, and rental trends, such as pricing. It also has a lease application, so the renter can apply on the spot."


Zenplace Allows Tenants To See Properties Quickly, Helping Owners Rent Faster


"Zenplace offers owners full property management services or the option to just find a tenant. The startup's property management fees start at 5 percent of rent collected vs. the industry's typical 8 percent to 10 percent charge."


Zenplace is Disrupting Property Management


"Using innovative technology combined with real estate expertise, Zenplace takes care of all the aspects of property management – from finding great tenants, to cost-efficient vendors, to managing   and maintaining the property."