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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how Zenplace provides property owners with award-winning leasing and property management services that generate higher returns with peace of mind.

General Questions

We are a full-service property management, leasing, tenant placement and rental management company. We combine experienced property management and leasing professionals with 15+ years of expertise with artificial intelligence, machine learning and mobile technologies. Our award-winning and experienced property management team provides owners with higher returns, lower costs, and an overall better owner experience. Call (888) 936-7522 and get our 20 page Zenplace property owner benefits and features guide.
Yes, we are a licensed and insured property management company and are licensed and regulated by the Bureau of Real Estate (BRE license #02030521). Zenplace is dedicated to providing exceptional property management services and is backed by institutions and investors that supported companies like Google, Facebook, and PayPal.

Zenplace’s team combines world-class talent from real estate and technology leaders including Google, Apple, Facebook, Yahoo, Nest, Nokia, NBC Universal, General Electric, CBRE, among others. Zenplace was named "Top Most Innovative" companies, "Top 10" most watched U.S. companies and "Top 10" companies disrupting real estate. Zenplace has been featured in publications such as Forbes, Wall Street Journal, ABC News, CNBC, CBS News, and other major media.

We manage a wide variety of properties including multifamily units, single family homes, townhomes, condos, and apartment buildings that range from 1-1000 units. We provide full service property management services that generate higher returns, lower costs and provide peace of mind to owners and landlords.

We are headquartered in California with offices across operational areas.

Our plan is to operate in markets across the nation. Please sign up for Zenplace news and updates and stay tuned!

The Zenplace Advantage

We provide an overall better owner experience by increasing your returns, lowering costs, placing great tenants, quick rent collection, regular inspections, efficient and effective maintenance, exceptional service, peace of mind and our industry-first 100% owner happiness guarantee. Zenplace was named "Top 10" most watched U.S. companies, "Top Most Innovative" companies, and "Top 10" companies disrupting real estate. Call (888) 936-7522 and get our latest rental trends for landlords and rental property owners report.

Our highly experienced property management professionals have on average 15+ years of property management and tenant placement experience and are among the best in the industry. Our management team has a long track record of success across real estate and technology. Our team has received numerous awards and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, CNN, TechCrunch, BusinessWeek, Harvard Business Review Forbes, among others.

We fully guarantee our dedication to you and your property. If for any reason you are not delighted at any time, just let us know. We'll address it immediately and credit you a free month of property management. We strive everyday to delight property owners like you!

We increase your investment returns by finding great tenants, reducing vacancy and turnaround times, quick rent collection and owner payments, cost-effective and efficient maintenance, lowering your overall costs, and increasing efficiencies through our combination of a world-class property management team and our technologies including artificial intelligence, machine learning and adaptive algorithms.

We are focused on providing owners with higher returns and peace of mind. Zenplace brings you the best of both worlds - experienced property management professionals combined with next-generation tecnology. Call (888) 936-7522 and get our 20 page Zenplace property owner benefits and features guide.

Fees & Pricing

Our management fees are typically among the most competitive in the market. Please call (888) 936-7522 or email for current pricing. We provide full service property management and harness our experience, resources and technology to improve service and lower costs, and we pass on the benefits to our property owners.
Yes. Please Call (888) 936-7522 and we would be delighted to help. We offer a "It's Fast or Free" Tenant Placement Guarantee.
Yes, we provide full-service property management including screening and selecting tenants, lease agreements, rent collection, property maintenance, monthly statements and year-end tax statements, and all other customary full service property management services.

Minimum of 1-month rent for qualified applicants and may be higher depending on market and local ordinances.

Security deposits may increase for conditionally approved applicants, approval with a guarantor and pet-friendly apartments.

Owners funds are online every month soon after rent is collected. Financial statements are sent monthly and year-end tax statements as issued as per IRS timelines.

We utilize our technology, systems, and our market expertise to review market rents and trends, comparable units, property features, and location, and apply our deep rental market knowledge. We understand the importance of achieving the highest rent possible as an owner and property investor. We will strive to make that happen.
Zenplace holds funds in a trust account held at a FDIC qualified financial institution as per law and regulatatory requirements.
Simply contact us and we would be delighted to help with any questions you may have.

Maintenance & Repair

We select and screen vendors and maintenance teams based on price, performance, speed of responsiveness and quality of delivery. We also constantly track vendor reviews from owners and tenants, and update our vendor selection in real-time.

When maintenance request is needed, we assess the best optimal option based on the type of maintenance required.

An expense threshold is set at which approval from the property owner will be required to complete maintenance or repair. Zenplace will provide information on the work to be done, along with estimates and recommendations.

An expense threshold is set that would require owner approval for any repairs and we will provide additional information, estimates and recommendations for owner review and decision.

Inspections are typically completed at least annually and may be more often depending on state law.

Additional inspections are completed during tenant turnover and may be done when a work order is being performed as well.

Our goal is to protect and maintain your property.

Rental Services

We complete an industry-leading comprehensive 20 multi-point screening, background and credit check. We also use our technology and systems to screen prospective tenants and qualify against rental agreement obligations, including paying rent, and taking care of the property.
We strive to find you great tenants and place them in your property quickly resulting in reduced vacancy times and fast turnarounds. We show your property 8am-8pm all 7 days a week and our technology enables tenants to quickly schedule showings, and for us to quickly screen tenants. Tenants can sign lease agreements online and through mobile devices using our technology.

In select properties and at our discretion, we install smart and AI devices including Amazon Alexa devices, Google Home and other smart devices to provide our advanced property management services, and to enhance the owner and tenant experience. Across all of our managed properties, we enable tenants to work with us 24/7 on property related issues.

We manage evictions, if needed, in accordance with all local and state laws, and work with the owner, local expert attorneys, and the tenant to resolve matters smoothly. Our property management team is licensed and well versed with compliance and other local laws and ordinances.

Our systems and technology manages property marketing across all channels and numerous property rental listing websites. We use marketing technologies and techniques that are typically used at companies like Google, Facebook, Apple and Yahoo and reach prospective tenants that would be a great fit with your property. All our leasing agreements and documents are online, e-sign, and mobile enabled and we respond to propesctive tenants 24/7.

Our Zenplace Owner Delight team is dedicated to property owners to ensure that we are providing exceptional service to our owners. If you have additional questions, please call (888) 936-7522 or select a convenient time to speak with our experienced team. Our time is available 7 days a week.

Onboarding and Next Steps

We start managing and leasing your property soon after you decide to use Zenplace and ensure that it easy and effortless for you. To get started, call (888) 936-7522 or select a convenient time to speak with our experienced property management team. Our team is available 7 days a week.